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Abroad Dreamer is a leading pioneer in consultancy field and we offer precise information about the colleges and universities, appropriate academic counseling and advice, quality documentation with the prompt services.

Since its inception, we’re building a solid reputation among students and abroad colleges/universities. With the goal of giving students and their parents quick, dependable, and affordable academic counseling and advice, it is administered by our highly experienced and professional counsellors.

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Education Counselling

Your job ambitions, lifestyle, and academic objectives will be discussed with our Education Counselors so that we can provide personalized guidance.

Student Services

Need the best guidance for placement in a university or college, for scholarships, or for internships? We can assist from the initial consultation to the application process.

Scholarship Guidance

Numerous of our partner colleges provide a broad range of scholarships. Our education advisers can assist you in choosing the best program.

Student Visa Services

Whether you want to pursue an international career or want to study abroad. We can assist you in finding places to live, work, and study in renowned cities around the globe.

Why Us?


We can handle everything as your education partner, from helping you choose courses and apply, to assisting you in getting the right visa and everything else you may require.

By selecting Abroad Dreamer as your abroad study partner, we'll handle all the paperwork so you can concentrate on organizing your new life.

As a result of our solid working connections with several of our university partners, we are even able to provide scholarships to eligible students in order to help them with some of the expenses associated with studying abroad.


Every year, a large number of students are sent abroad to study by our study abroad advisors. Our counsellors have mastered the procedure as they will be able to assist you, even while you are asleep, no matter what reservations you may have about the study abroad process.

Throughout your educational roller coaster, our skilled counsellor may be your best friend, motivating you when you need it and keeping you focused so you can meet all the deadlines.

As a student, you inevitably seek out more assistance in your international student experience. Here, we'll cover every question and procedure you might have for an abroad consultancy like us. After evaluating your questions and needs, we'll move on to our subsequent steps.

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience and thus, before you jump into the first destination that comes in your mind, it's important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the country where you want to advance your career. We understand that choosing where to study next might be overwhelming, which is why we have provided you with this guide.

Many students have a tendency to judge universities based on the ratings they claim. But always keep in mind that a rating isn't everything. It is a good place to start, but there are other considerations when choosing the right university for you. We will thus assist you by recommending the courses and universities that will best further your academic career.

Exams that measure language proficiency are useful for non-native speakers. The results of the language test are required by almost all colleges and universities in order to assess a student's written and vocal language abilities. You don't need to worry about this portion; we'll assist you by offering top-notch preparation programs for tests like the JLPT, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, GRE/GMAT, and others depending on your destination country.

In order for you to be completely informed about the most recent visa criteria and restrictions, Abroad Dreamer offers visa guidance services. Additionally, our counsellor will assist you in assembling the proper paperwork for your submission. To make sure you have access to the most recent application forms and instructions, our experts can point you toward official websites and accredited immigration representatives. We may also assist with document certification, translation, and couriering to lessen the bother.

We are devoted to ensuring that you experience support at each stage of your international study journey. We hold pre-departure briefings all throughout the processing to aid with your adjustment to life in a foreign country.

You will learn how to take advantage of the chances for personal and cultural growth while you are abroad in our pre-departure orientation workshops. Additionally, we inform you about working while you study and provide internship recommendations.

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